Agito Zacko

Leg - Agito - 8002095

Produkt information

  • Navn

    Agito Zacko

  • Beskrivelse Grå
  • Produkt # 8002095
  • Produkt # (gammelt) 144403GR
  • Alder 5-12
  • Farve Grå
  • Pris Kontakt HAGS

Teknisk information

  • Monteringstid 20 timer
  • Længde 6200 mm
  • Bredde 3100 mm
  • Højde 3080 mm
  • Vægt 367.543 kg
  • Volumen 3.25 m³
  • Fald højde 2500 mm
  • Sikkerhedsareal bredde 6200 mm
  • Sikkerhedsareal længde 9600 mm
  • Safety Area 45 m²
  • Forankring Nedgravning
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Material kg %
Aluminium 0.0099 0
Zink (electro-galvanised) 0.0559 0.02
Polyurethane solid (PUR) 0.0938 0.03
Cardboard 0.7 0.19
Polyamide (PA) 0.608 0.17
Stainless steel 1.6601 0.46
Rubber 3.673 1.02
Cast iron 0.97 0.27
Zink (hot-galvanised) 5.1588 1.43
Recycled thermoplastics 15.515 4.29
Polyethylene (PE) 26.4859 7.32
Steel 301.144 83.27
Polypropylene (PP) 0.004 0
Fibreboard 6.5446 0.78
HPL 115.186 13.74
Pine 288.935 34.47
Polypropylene (PP) 0.004 0
Fibreboard 6.5446 0.78
HPK 115.186 13.74
Pine 288.935 34.47
Powder coating polyester 5.5939 1.55
  1183 kg 198%


  • AG Punch
    AG Punch

    AG Punch
    The punch bag encourages exercise in a gentle, yet tough way; the slightly soft material is pleasant to hit. It hangs on a wire, the top of which has some flexibility while the bottom is fixed. The punch bag moves when hit, but be aware that it also returns to its original position due to resistance. If you are not prepared, you may get a shove.

  • AG Rungs
    AG Rungs

    AG Rungs
    The vertical Rungs climbing ladder is a slightly different way to get up into HAGS Agito. The angular shape makes it possible to climb on both sides and the width between the rungs is enough to allow children to wriggle between them. In addition to the actual climbing experience, Rungs is also a good link to the other play functions.

  • AG Wiggler
    AG Wiggler

    AG Wiggler
    The tough Wiggler balance bar is a clear part of the loop for anyone playing “Shipwreck”. The bar is equipped with small balls and plates, which can make balancing on them quite difficult if you don’t know how. The bar is flexible and rocks slightly when weight is put on the ends or middle of the bar. A true balancing act that requires both training and concentration!

  • AG Glider
    AG Glider

    AG Glider
    In its shape and volume, this peculiar slide replicates the feeling of sitting on a horse – but that’s where the similarity ends. The gradient of the slide is optimised to provide a high speed and the shape invites unconventional sliding options: on the back, stomach or backwards. The slide is one way of investigating the body’s potential in an action-packed situation. Again, it’s a question of balance and above all, creativity.

  • AG Leaf
    AG Leaf

    AG Leaf
    Inspired by a leaf blowing in the wind, Leaf swings as a person moves over its surface. It is covered in rubber to provide a better grip. Coordination and balance are more important than raw strength.